Minoru Miki: Marimba Spiritual (excerpt)

Legendary piece Marimba Spiritual (1983) by Japanese composer Minoru Miki (1930–2011), written for solo marimba and three percussionists, is one of the most played compositions in the percussion repertoire. The OK Percussion Duo was inspired by Safri Duo’s version, which is written for the identical part of marimba and one percussion player, whose part has been reduced from the three original parts. Eventually, the OK Percussion Duo chose a much more difficult approach: using the original version, but with a single percussion player assisted by the marimba player, which requires the simultaneous interpretation of three complete parts. The original version for solo marimba and three accompanying percussionists thus becomes a dialogue between two entirely equal entities.

František Emmert: Inno Chana (dress rehearsal for the first performance – with composer) – dedicated to the duo

One of the commissioned pieces written for the OK Percussion Duo is a chamber oratorio, Inno Chana (2012), by composer František Gregor Emmert (*1940). The composer gained inspiration for this work in the Old Testament (Book of Samuel).  The piece contains seven movements with the central focus on the marimba. This unique  work features up to 21 different percussion insturments.

Pavel Blatný: Uno pezzo per due (excerpt) – dedicated to the duo

Pavel Blatný (b. 1931) is the leading Czech representative of the Third Stream music. His composition activity earned him top positions in prestigious Downbeat magazine polls in the 1960s, and in 1969 he won the second award of the European Jazz Federation.

In Uno pezzo per due (2010) he used jazz drumset in a prominent way, using serial series and improvisation as compositional elements, which are typical attributes of the Third Stream.